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NAREEE Advisory Board Meeting Index and Virtual Binder Materials February 9-10, 2022

INDEX Day #1

a.    NAREEE Advisory Board fact sheet (NAREEE, CDS, SCC, NGRAC, Pollinator Subcommittee) (PDF)
b.    NAREEE Advisory Board GOP (PDF, 361KB)

1. NAREEE Advisory Board Members, Board Staff, and USDA Leadership Bios

2. REE Leadership Team (REE Administrators and Directors) Bios and links to slides (if any)

3. Additional Presentations

  • USDA Honey Bee and Pollinator Research Coordinator, Ms. Elizabeth “Izzy” Hill (PDF, 4314 KB)
  • USDA’s FY22 Science Priorities and/or Science Strategy, Ms. Holly Wiggins (PDF, 2346 KB)

INDEX Day #2

4. Reports – (Draft until approved by full NAREEE Board)

a.   NGRAC Report – Safeguarding and Distributing Native Crop Wild Relative Genetic Resources of the United States (*Approval*) (PDF, 1.2 MB)
b.   NGRAC Report – Microbial Genetic Resources in the USA (*Approval*) PDF, 237 KB)
c.    Diversity and Inclusivity Letter (Board has approved, discussion and next steps) (PDF, 149 KB)
d.   Ad hoc committee on Agriculture Extension Programs (status, discussion, and next steps)

5. New Board Business – FY 22 Projects Approval

a. Pollinator Subcommittee
b. CDS Meeting Minutes, November 2021  (PDF, 327 KB)
c. Subcommittee’s NIFA ECDRE Program RFPA draft feedback, December 2021 (PDF, 208 KB)
d. SCC Meeting Minutes, January 2022 (PDF, 337 KB)
e. NGRAC Conference Call Meeting Minutes, October 2021 (PDF, 232 KB)
f.   Relevance and Adequacy (R&A) of 2020 Ag Climate Adaptation Report 4, (discussion and next steps) (PDF, 582 KB)
g. January 2022 NPGS Plan Recommendations (PDF, 232 KB)
h. Member Survey Key Learnings (PDF, 1243 KB)