The National Agricultural Research, Extension, Education, and Economics (NAREEE) Advisory Board was established by the 1996 farm bill (US Congress, 1996) and currently draws members from 25 constituencies identified by the recent 2002 legislation. Its role is to provide overall guidance to the REE mission area on policies and priorities for agricultural research, extension, education, and economics. The board sponsors stakeholder listening sessions, reviews draft guidance for competitive-grant programs, and conducts annual reviews of the REE portfolio for relevance and adequacy of funding

In addition to this overall advisory for the REE agencies, both NASS and ERS have specific advisory groups that address programmatic areas unique to each agency. A 25-member Advisory committee on Agriculture Statistics Advises NASS on the Scope, content, and timing of the agricultural census and related surveys. ERS has convened "roundtables," which include commodity and trade association representatives, to gain feedback on commodity-related issues and other aspects of ERS's market analysis and outlook program. A group of scholars, researchers, and policy officials also reviews ERS research priorities for the Food and Nutrition Assistance Research Program and provides guidance on its scope and direction.