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Specialty Crop Committee

The Specialty Crop Committee (SCC) was established by the Executive Committee of the NAREEE Advisory Board. The Specialty Crop Committee is a permanent committee of the Board.  

The SCC studies the scope and effectiveness of USDA’s research, extension, and economics programs affecting the specialty crop industry -- USDA Definition of Specialty Crop.

The SCC provides consultation on NIFA’s Specialty Crop Research Initiative, which awards grants to support research and extension that address key challenges of national, regional, and multi-state importance in sustaining all components of food and agriculture, including conventional and organic food production systems. 


Carlos Iglesias
North Carolina State University
Raleigh, NC
Term: first, ends 9/30/23
Donnell Brown
National Grape Research Alliance
Sacramento, CA
Term: first, ends 9/30/24
Gregory Goins (Chair)
North Carolina A&T University
Greensboro, NC
Term: first, ends 9/30/24
Jim Tuinier
Post Gardens of Battle Creek Michigan
Battle Creek, MI
Term: first, ends 9/30/23
Marguerite Green
New Orleans, LA
Term: first, ends 9/30/23
Nikki Lynn Rothwell
Michigan State University
Traverse City, MI
Term: first, ends 1/31/2023
Shawn Peebles
Shawn Peebles Organic Farm, LLC
Augusta, AR
Term: second, ends 1/31/2023