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The National Agricultural Research, Extension, Education, and Economics (NAREEE) Advisory Board was established by the 1996 farm bill (US Congress, 1996) and currently has 15 members who represent agriculture. Its role is to provide overall guidance to the REE mission area on policies and priorities for agricultural research, extension, education, and economics. The board reviews and provides recommendations on the strategic planning and priority setting processes of the research mission in USDA and conducts annual reviews of the REE portfolio for relevance of programs and activities and the adequacy of funding.

Member Responsibilities

Members have the responsibility for attending all Advisory Board meetings and all meetings of working groups and ad hoc committees of which they are members, and for bringing to the table valuable perspectives of their stakeholder interest group(s).

The NAREEE Advisory Board is congressionally mandated to meet twice a year. Typically, one of the meetings is held in the DC metro area and the other is held somewhere outside of the Capital Region, in closer proximity to stakeholders. The Executive Committee of the Board meets monthly via teleconference.  The Subcommittees hold an additional 4 meetings per year. Other meetings may be planned on an ad hoc basis depending on the topic(s) being considered by the Board.

Members are primarily responsible for assuring that U.S. agricultural research and education is in the best interest nationally for a safe and secure food and fiber system, high quality natural resources, economic prosperity, and the overall health and well-being of Americans.

Members should also assume responsibility for assuring feedback, as appropriate,to their represented groups, stakeholders, and other interested U.S. citizens.