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Reports and Recommendations

Welcome to the NAREEE Advisory Board publications library. This section provides an archive of new and past publications produced by NAREEEAB. You can use the spotlights below to help you find the exact title you're looking for. The full text of all the titles are only a click away and are free. Recommendations are included within each report. The dates shown are the dates each report was transmitted to the Secretary of Agriculture.

Jul 19
This letter conveys the recommendations of the NAREEE Advisory Board to USDA and REE on the relocation of the Economic Research Service and the National Institute of Food and Agriculture.
Sep 29
This report identifies and suggests possible approaches that will lead to greater protection and utilization of genetic diversity among animal species (including livestock, aquatic and poultry species) that are used for food and fiber production for large-scale commercial agriculture and small and disadvantaged farmers.  
Sep 29
The USDA Chief Scientist asked the Council to review the technology of Gene Editing in view of its possible use by USDA to address challenges. The report and recommendations identify specific actions that the USDA Chief Scientist should take to better understand, leverage, and/or communicate gene editing technology.  
Sep 29
The NAREEE Advisory Board is statutorily required to perform an annual review of all the agricultural and natural resource research, extension, or education activities funded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture to assess their relevance to the Department’s established Research, Education and Economics (REE) priorities and to advise USDA on the adequacy of the funding for those activities (7 USC 7613(b)). This annual process is called the Relevance and Adequacy (R&A) review.  For FY2017, the Board reviewed the programs and activities in the REE mission area and across USDA focused on Climate and Energy Needs. The report provides a summary of the activities and several recommendations on the relevance of the climate and energy programs and the adequacy of funding for those programs.