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Be the voice of ag science!

Share expert insights that shape the future of USDA research and programs.

USDA is seeking membership applications for our National Agricultural Research, Extension, Education, and Economics (NAREEE) Advisory Board and for the Board’s four (4) committees and subcommittees.

We welcome a diverse mix of stakeholders from across the agricultural sector—including scientists, educators, producers, interest group advocates, and other industry experts. Learn more about these stakeholder categories.

The NAREEE Board (and its related committees/subcommittees) is a Federal Advisory Committee (FACA). FACAs consist of citizens from virtually every occupational group and industry in the U.S. They provide objective expertise and advice to the executive branch to inform policy and grantmaking. Learn more about Federal Advisory Committees.

As a NAREEE Board or committee/subcommittee member, you’ll contribute valuable professional insight that gives voice to your field and shapes USDA’s future research and science programming.

About the Advisory Board and its Committees/Subcommittees

Established in 1996, the NAREEE Advisory Board advises the Secretary of Agriculture on top priorities and policies for food and agricultural research, education, extension, and economics. We provide stakeholder input and science-backed information to better inform USDA’s program decisions. 

The Board has four (4)  committees and subcommittees under its umbrella. Each has its own membership that is separate from the Board membership:

About the NAREEE Advisory Board

Conference table and people sitting around it

The NAREEE Advisory Board advises and makes recommendations to the Secretary of Agriculture on top priorities and policies for food and agricultural research, education, extension, and economics.

Specialty Crop Committee (SCC)

SCC studies the scope and effectiveness of research, extension and economics programs affecting the specialty crop industry. It reports its research findings and makes recommendations for improving these programs, with the goal of making U.S. specialty crop production more efficient, productive and profitable.

Citrus Disease Subcommittee (CDS)

A subcommittee of the SCC, CDS provides recommendations to USDA on citrus research, extension and development needs. It collaborates and consults with USDA and other organizations to advise on research activities related to citrus disease.

National Genetic Resources Advisory Council (NGRAC)

This subcommittee advises USDA on national policies for collecting, maintaining, and using genetic resources. This includes educating USDA on new and innovative approaches to conserving genetic resources, and advising on how to coordinate these resources with other organizations.

Pollinator Subcommittee

Expected to launch in FY2023, this subcommittee will evaluate current research on pollinator health and advise the NAREEE Board on national priorities, research needs and best possible science to inform pollinator-related policies and programs.

Board and Committee Vacancies Starting Fiscal Year 2024

Based on this federal statute, USDA will appoint approximately 20 Advisory Board and committee/subcommittee members in October 2023. Terms range from one to three years, and you may serve two terms for up to six years total. Board members must wait one year before reapplying to any committee/subcommittee.

NAREEE Advisory Board

The Advisory Board comprises 15 appointed members. We’re seeking five (5) new members from the following categories whose appointments are anticipated to start in October 2023:

  • 2 seats representing National Farm or Producer Organizations
  • 1 seat representing Industry, Consumer, or Rural Interest Groups
  • 2 seats representing Agriculture Research, Extension, and Education
    • 1 seat for Non-Land Grant Universities College of Agriculture or a Hispanic Serving Institution College of Agriculture
    • 1 seat for 1862 Land Grant University
Specialty Crop Committee (SCC)

SCC has nine (9) appointed members. We’re seeking three (3) new members from these categories whose appointments are anticipated to start in October 2023:

  • 1 seat from the NAREEE Board (current or new member)

  • 1 seat representing Academia

  • 1 seat representing Industry

Citrus Disease Subcommittee (CDS)

CDS consists of 11 members, all of whom are domestic producers of citrus. We’re seeking five (5) new members from these categories whose appointments are anticipated to start in October 2023:

  • 2 seats representing citrus producers from Florida

  • 2 seats representing citrus producers from California

  • 1 seat representing citrus producers from Texas

National Genetic Resources Advisory Council (NGRAC)

NGRAC comprises 13 appointed members. We’re seeking five (5) new members from these categories whose appointments are anticipated to start in October 2023:

  • 1 seat representing scientific disciplines. See examples of relevant disciplines 

  • 2 seats representing the general public

  • 2 seats representing Cultivar Development or Animal Breeding Organizations

Pollinator Subcommittee

The Pollinator Subcommittee (to be initiated in FY2023) will be the newest subcommittee of the National Agricultural Research, Extension Education, and Economics (NAREEE) Advisory Board. Members of this initial cohort will continue to serve through the end of fiscal year 2024 (FY2024), through September 2024. We will be seeking new member applications during fiscal year 2024 with anticipated terms starting in October 2024 (FY2025).

How to Apply

Whether you’re applying for a position on the NAREEE Board or one of the Board’s four (4) committees/subcommittees, the steps to apply are the same: 

  1. Compile your application package

    The Board office requests that your application package is no more than 25 pages, including the AD-755 Form. The application must be typed, formatted with normal margins, and 11 or 12 point font (Times New Roman, Calibri, or Arial). Handwritten applications will be returned for resubmission. Applications must be submitted as a pdf. The application package must include:

    1. A completed membership application (Form AD-755)

      • Access the form at the link above.
      • Fill out the entire form. Enter “N/A” in any field that does not apply to you. Incomplete forms will nullify your application and consideration.
      • If you have “Dual Citizenship” please mark “Yes” on the application that you are a citizen and provide the passport information from the issuing country. You still must provide your social security number as well.  
    2. Your resume or Curriculum Vitae (CV)
    3. A Letter of Intent: This one-page letter should explain your reasons for seeking a seat on the NAREEE Advisory Board or the committee/ subcommittees. What motivates you to be a voice of agricultural advocacy to the Secretary? What important personal and/or professional experiences have shaped your agriculture perspective to this point? What stakeholders do you wish to represent as a board member? Additionally, provide insight on your potential to contribute to board work initiatives (E.g. writing reports and

      recommendations, researching a topic area, planning in-person meeting, presenting on a topic area, and/ or recommending guest subject matter experts). We encourage you to keep the specific seat in mind as you write this letter.

    4. A summary of important accomplishments that qualify you to serve on the Board or the specific committee/subcommittee. Communicate these in five to seven bullets, in fewer than 125 words total. Be specific to your experience with agriculture research, education, Extension, economics and/ or production.

    5. Optional: 1–2 letters of recommendation addressed to the NAREEE Advisory Board Office are helpful, but not mandatory for consideration.

  2. Submit your application

    Email your application package to Save all materials in one .pdf file using the naming convention: “Last Name_First Name_Name of Committee Application.” For example, if applying to the Advisory Board, use “Last Name_First Name_NAREEE Board Application.” If applying to SCC, use “Last Name_First Name_SCC Application,” and so on. Attach the .pdf file to the email.

    Please send all application packages to include letters of support in one file.  If you are applying for more than one committee, you must send another completed package (in one file) labeling the attachment properly with the committee name you are applying to.  

  3. Submit by the deadline

    Submit your application package by 5:00 pm Eastern Time on the following dates:

    • Wednesday, May 31, 2023 for the NAREEE Advisory Board, SCC, CDS, NGRAC

Selection Timeline and Next Steps

The NAREEE Advisory Board Office will email you confirming receipt of your application. If you submit an incomplete application, the Board office may email requesting you revise and resubmit a complete application within a week of us contacting you to be considered for a seat on the board. If you fail to submit a revised application within one week of the request, your application will not move forward for consideration. We will notify you of the final status of your application once the Secretary of Agriculture selects the new members.

Approximate decision dates (depending on Secretarial action):

  • NAREEE Advisory Board/CDS/NGRAC/SCC: October 2023

If you have questions, contact us at or 202-380-5373.

Additional Resources

Federal Register Notice: Request for Applications