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Membership Categories

The NAREEE Advisory Board is statutorily required to have fifteen appointed members from the following categories:

3 members representing National Farm or Producer Organizations, which may include members:

  1. representing farm cooperatives;
  2. who are a food animal commodity producer recommended by a national livestock organization;
  3. who are a plant commodity producer recommended by a national crop organization; or
  4. who are an aquaculture producer recommended by a national aquaculture organization.

2 members representing Academic or Research Societies, which may include members representing:

  1. national food animal science society;
  2. national crop, soil, agronomy, horticulture, plant pathology, or weed science society;
  3. national food science organization;
  4. national human health association; or
  5. national nutritional science society.

5 members representing Agricultural Research, Extension, and Education, which shall include each of the following:

  1. 1 member representing the 1862 land-grant colleges and universities.
  2. 1 member representing the 1890 land-grant colleges and universities, including Tuskegee University.
  3. 1 member representing the 1994 Equity in Education land-grant institution
  4. 1 member representing non-land grant colleges of agriculture (NLGCA) institutions or Hispanic-serving institutions.
  5. 1 member representing American colleges of veterinary medicine.

5 members representing Industry, Consumer, or Rural Interests, which may include members representing:

  1. transportation of food and agricultural products to domestic and foreign markets;
  2. food retailing and marketing interests;
  3. food and fiber processors;
  4. rural economic development interests;
  5. a national consumer interest group;
  6. a national forestry group;
  7. a national conservation or natural resource group;
  8. a national social science association;
  9. private sector organizations involved in international development; or
  10. a national association of agricultural economists.