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Citrus Disease Subcommittee

The Citrus Disease Subcommittee (CDS) was established in the Agricultural Act of 2014 to advance the research and extension capabilities related to citrus diseases. The Agricultural Act of 2014 specifically charged the committee with providing an annual consultation with the National Institute of Food and Agriculture to provide recommendations on the agenda, budget and priorities of the Emergency Citrus Disease Research and Extension Program.


David F. Howard
Graves Brothers Company
Vero Beach, FL
Term expires2020
Gregory Galloway
Sierra Crest Agriculture Inc.
Porterville, CA
Term expires2022
Harold Browning
Premier Citrus
Vero Beach, FL
Term expires2022
James Snively
Southern Gardens Groves Corp
Lake Placid, FL
Term expires2021
John C. Gless
Gless Ranch Inc.
Riverside, CA
Term expires2022
Julia Inestroza
Tenalu Richardson Farm
Springville, CA
Term expires2022
Justin D. Brown
D Bar J Orchards, Inc.
Orange Grove, CA
Term expires2020
Justin Golding
Wonderful Citrus
Bakersfield, CA
Term expires2021
Mani Skaria
US Citrus
Hargill, TX
Term expires2021
Matt McLean
Uncle Matt's Organic, Inc.
Clermont, FL
Term expires2020
William “Gee” Roe III
W.G. Roe & Sons
Port Saint Lucie, FL
Term expires2022


February 2-3, 2017 Citrus Disease Subcommittee
Minutes Unavailable
Report Unavailable
Public Comments Unavailable
May 19-20, 2014--Citrus Disease Subcommittee
Highlights Unavailable
Report Unavailable
Public Comments Unavailable
June 19, 2012 – Citrus Disease Research and Development Advisory Committee
Agenda Unavailable
Highlights Unavailable
Report Unavailable
Public Comments Unavailable