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The National Agricultural Research, Extension, Education and Economics (NAREEE) Advisory Board is comprised of 25 members who represent the views of various national stakeholder groups. As specified in congressional legislation (2008 Food, Energy and Conservation Act, P.L. 110-246, Sec 7102), each member represents a specific affiliation category, which assures balanced and broad membership on the Board. Membership categories include: farming or ranching, food production and processing, forestry research, crop and animal sciences, land-grant institutions, non-land-grant college or university with a historic commitment to research in the food and agricultural sciences, food retailing and marketing, rural economic development, and natural resources and consumer interest groups, among others. The Secretary of Agriculture appoints distinguished individuals from a pool of nominations that are submitted by organizations, associations, societies, councils, federations, groups, and companies that fit the category criteria. The term for an Advisory Board member is three years. One-third of the Board's positions (approximately 8 category slots) expire each year on September 30.

Advisory Board Duties

The role of the 25-member Advisory Board includes: reviewing and providing consultation to the Secretary and land-grant colleges and universities on long- and short-term research, extension, education and economic priorities in food, fiber, and agriculture. In addition, an amendment in the 2002 Farm Bill requires the Board to provide consultation to the U.S. House and Senate agriculture and appropriations committees/subcommittees. The Board evaluates the results and effectiveness of agricultural research, extension, education and economic activities with respect to policies and priorities. It reviews and makes recommendations to the USDA Research, Education and Economics (REE) mission area strategic plan. In 1998 Congressional legislation, the Board was authorized to provide advice to the Secretary of Agriculture on competitive grants that support research and extension activities regarding organically grown and processed agricultural commodities. It also evaluates the peer review process of the Agricultural Research Service on an ongoing basis. On an annual basis, the Board reviews the relevance of all agricultural research, education, and extension activities to national priorities, as well as the adequacy of funding for these activities and submits the final recommendations to the Secretary and to Congress. The 2008 Food, Energy and Conservation Act also mandated the establishment of a Renewable Energy Committee to study the scope and effectiveness of REE programs affecting the renewable energy industry.

How to Apply for Board Membership

A nomination letter and/or endorsement letter(s) for a candidate may be submitted by a Senator or Representative, or by an institution, organization, company, other group, or individual (including the applicant). The nomination letter must indicate the category or categories for which an individual is being nominated. Individuals desiring to be considered for an appointment to the NAREEE Advisory Board must submit a completed Form AD-755, "Advisory Committee Membership Background Information." Nominations are open to all regardless of race, color, sex, national origin, age, mental or physical handicap, marital status, or sexual orientation.